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Full hand job soapy massage

It was the end of a hard week, my back was aching and my neck and shoulders needed a rub to ease the knots. I decided to treat myself to a soapy erotic massage , a little luxury for the end of the week. I called up my favorite parlor and the young Asian woman said that someone could fit me later that evening, excellent. I went home to shower and change and had just enough time for a beer before I had to leave for my appointment.

I arrived at the place a little early so I sat in the waiting room looking through the latest car mag. A beautiful Asian woman came out and introduced herself as Mia and that she'd be with me in a couple of minutes. She was dressed in a only a Kimono. As she left the waiting room, I could feel some stirrings down below as images of Mia's hands on my cock filled my head. I willed my body and mind to stop, after all this was just a massage!

Mia came back in a little while and led me to the massage room. There was a big Jacuzzi full of hot soapy water. The idea was to relax in the tub and then get a very sensual massage. She asked me to get ready and get into the tub, then she left the room. I undressed and hopped into  the Jacuzzi  The feel of the soft warm bubbles on my naked body together with the soft music and the aroma of ylang ylang started to relax me. Mia came back into the room stark naked and as lovely as any Asian women I have ever seen. She slipped into the tub with me.  She put some soap on her hands and started on my back, working the soap all over kneading those tight spots. Aaaaahh, that felt so good, I really needed some work on my back. My mind drifted off into a peaceful place as she continued working me. She started on my feet, rubbing the soles, relieving the ache, then up to my calves, then all the way up my thighs, sliding her hands up and down my legs.  Every time she moved up she seemed to move closer to my cock. By this time my body was responding, and my breathing was speeding up.

Mia continued her torture on my thighs, this time she moved so high she brushed my cock with her fingers, was it accidental?
I drew a sharp breath in. Next moment I felt her hands on my balls, a moan escaped my lips and I stood up to give her better access.

Hands rubbing my balls, caressing, kneading, then fingers sliding down my cock. Up and down the shaft, the feeling was intense. She turned then and left the tub. With her back to me, Mia kneeled and then lay down on the massage mat lifting her fine ass up for me to see. She had an ass to die for.

Without hesitation I knelt down behind her and slid my still wet lips and nose into her sweet wet pussy and ass. I found her hard clit , and slid a finger around that special spot. She was so slippery and and smelled so sweet. My fingers rubbed and slid faster and faster until she let out a little cry of pleasure and her juices flowed free. I lapped at her succulent cunt and drank of her sweet wine.

She sat up then and we traded spots. My naked body was fully exposed to her clever little hands. My cock was rock hard and in need of attention.

I watched her face as her eyes traveled down my body, she liked what he saw. She let her hands run up and down my nakedness, careful to avoid my cock and balls. This light teasing was getting me going again. She continued exploring me with her fingers and eyes, not touching where I wanted to feel her touch the most.

Mia reached up for a sponge and dipped into the water, she let the hot soapiness drip over me. God it was erotic and the intensity grew. Her body slipped and slid over mine, her hot wetness collided with my hard-on. I came close to blowing my load.

Just when I thought I couldn't stand the teasing anymore she dipped her hands back into the hot soapy water and lightly touched the tip of my cock. Yes this is what I had been waiting for. Her naughty little fingers began to work. Up and down, smoothly working every inch. Her eyes looking into mine. My cock throbbing with each fluid motion of her clever fingers. The feeling built up slowly and so erotically, The soap making it so slippery. Up and down the shaft with one hand and fingers working my balls with the other. Up and down and up and down. I couldn't stop it then, I was at the edge. I don't know what she did right at that moment but fuck it was good. A low growl began in my throat and I could feel the eruption of hot cum surging up the shaft. My cum seeped up over her hands and she slowly released her grip. With eyes on mine she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked each clean, a very naughty smile lighting her lips.

She asked me then if I would like the same time next week.

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The End
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