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The wife's sexy panties

Brad a close friend of mine came to visit one Saturday afternoon, he had agreed to help me set-up the garden with a gazebo and seating for a BBQ party that we were holding later. Ashley my wife was out picking up some party food at the time. As we were setting out the garden furniture, Brad noticed a pair of Ashley's panties on the washing line, his eyes nearly popped out of the sockets at the site of them.

"Your Ashley wears those? Wow you're a lucky man, I wish my Julie would wear sexy ones like that."

I told Brad that all the washing from the line had to be removed and taken indoors, without hesitation he removed the pegs and took the items down one by one leaving Ashley's pink thong until last. When he removed the thong from the line he commented on how silky and smooth it felt. I could see he was paying particular attention to the crutch area and to my surprise his continuous comments about my wife's panties and what he would do if he had a wife like mine were really starting to arouse me. Brad, still holding the pink thong and gently rubbing it between his thumb and finger then commented that he would do almost anything to see my wife's sexy cute little ass in a pretty thong. His said his favorite type of panties on a woman would be a pink lacy thong, his wife always wore full panties and he could not imagine that Ashley's pair would really leave much to the imagination, and he wondered what she was actually hiding in them. They didn't seem big enough to hide even the tiniest pussy. With working long hours and overtime recently, Ashley and I had not had the chance to spend a minute alone. Not having a sex life is not good and I was really hanging out for a little action. Brad was really turning me on with what he kept saying. My cock was straining for some form of release when Brad suggested that if he were married to her, he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off her, I almost creamed my pants. Hearing the way he was lusting after my wife turned me on and I really needed to have sex with her and soon. So with him sprouting off I told him very casually that if he wanted to see Ashley actually wearing her tiny lace thong then he would have to seduce her and I would be eager to lend a helping hand. At first he thought I was kidding him but when I made it clear that I wasn't he could not wait for her to come home, the plan was in motion and all we had to do now was wait for Ashley's return. I stipulated only one rule, he could use his mouth, his hands but his cock was not to enter her pussy.

When she did arrive home I took the shopping from her and proceeded to put it away in the fridge, I told Ashley to take a seat in the lounge whilst I put the kettle on, Brad was in there and I asked her to make him feel welcome and I would bring some hot drinks in once I had finished placing the shopping away. I left Brad and Ashley chatting for 10 minutes in the lounge when Ashley returned to the kitchen with a smile on her face. "What's up?" I asked.

"I think Brad is coming onto me" Ashley replied.

I took Ashley in my arms, I told her what man in his right mind would not fancy her and as I kissed her passionately I slid my hand up her skirt, over her bottom and back down into her panties. I probed with my finger and I could feel her increasing wetness. I whispered softly into her ear, "Your pussy tells me your enjoying the conversation with Brad, go back in and I will follow with the drinks in a moment." "Ok, so what's up?" she asked. "Why was I so turned on about another man chatting up my wife?"

I told Ashley about how Brad had a fetish for her panties and he was eager to see her in them. I told her the way he spoke was enough to get me going. She told me that I should tell him that she was wearing the same sort of panties that had been hanging on the line and if he wanted to he could take a peek. I looked at her and asked if she was sure she wanted to do that because he's bound to want to seduce her. Ashley blushed and kissed me, which told me that she definitely knew what she was getting herself into. I told her it was okay to return to the lounge and tell him herself.

I left it a few more minutes before proceeding to the lounge, when I opened the door Brad was knelt down on the floor directly in front of Ashley who was sitting on the sofa. She shifted a little so that he could get a good look at her pink lacy thong. I sat beside Ashley placing my hand on her skirt hem, slowly moving it upwards to reveal her pretty pink thong.

"Would you like to come closer, come real close, close enough to smell my natural perfume, close enough so that I can feel your breathe on my pussy" Ashley told Brad.

Without hesitation Brad leant forward and buried his face into my wife's pink thong. My friend was thoroughly enjoying himself. He touched Ashley ever so gently, rubbing his fingers up lightly where her pussy was hiding behind her little knickers. Brad pulled her panties to the side and slid his finger deep inside her tight hole before gently finger fucking her. Slowly he moved his finger in and out, he was getting Ashley all hot and juicy and ready to explode. I held her as he lay between her legs and with her panties pulled to one side still he buried his tongue between her velvety lips. That was enough to take her over the top. Ashley shook uncontrollably as Brad continued to lick and suck at her juicy pussy. Brad sat up, his mouth glistening from my wife's pussy juice, my cock was so hard by now it was nearly ripping through my pants. I removed my cock from its constraint and swapped positions with Brad.

Ashley was so wet that my cock slid into her love nest with ease despite it feeling larger than it ever had before. Brad watched as my pulsating cock slide back and forth against the pink lacy material of Ashley's small thong was incredibly mind-blowing. Seeing the soft fabric and Ashley's velvety lips wrapped around my dick was almost too much for me. Ashley wrapped her legs around my back and begged me to fuck her harder. She knew Brad was watching, she knew how hard and horny he was, she could see as well as I could the bulge in his pants. Ashley instructed Brad to come closer so that she could unzip him and take his throbbing cock out, stroking him slowly with her firm grip.

I could not hold on much longer and when Ashley took Brad in her mouth I had to slow right down as the warm glow in my groin was growing stronger with each thrust. With Ashley's legs now up over my shoulders I started to pound her like a steam train as I knew the inevitable was on its way, I let out a loud groan as my wild orgasm washed over me as I shot loads of hot cum into up my darling wife's pussy.

Ashley looked at me for guidance of what she should do with Brad, earlier I had given him instructions not to put his cock into her pussy but I could see she was wanting more, I still felt immensely turned on by it all so I gave the okay.

Ashley turned around and with her panties still in place; she told Brad that he should fuck her doggie style so that I could watch his cock sliding between her panties and her twat. He did not hesitate and in seconds he was pounding my wife from behind making sure he paid particular attention to the lacy fabric of her panties. He grasped her ass cheeks tight and pulled them wide apart so that I could get a better look at his cock sliding in and out against the thong deep into Ashley's tight cunt. As he began to build up speed I found my dick was hardening again ready for some more action itself. Ashley had also noticed this and now it was my turn to enjoy my wife's warm mouth. Ashley's tongue worked skillfully around my tip, parting my small opening and with one hand massaging my balls I watched as Brad decided it was time to go down on Ashley and start eating her cum filled twat.

Brad slid under Ashley, removed her panties and continued eating at her pussy. Ashley responded to this by sucking even harder on my cock, I could see her thong laying there and I could not resist picking it up and pressing the soft fabric against my face smelling a mixture of sex and wet pussy. It was too much for all of us, Ashley was stroking Brad furiously with her free hand, he was eating her cum filled pussy and I was getting sucked off whilst smelling my wife's panties.

The thoughts and the feelings were uncontrollable... I came first, Ashley swallowing every drop of my second offering, as I fell backwards dropping the panties Ashley picked them up, wrapped them around Brads cock and within seconds he was shooting his load into them as Ashley let out a large groan as she grinded her pussy into his face.

For a moment afterwards it was like we were all suspended in time, Brad slid out from underneath Ashley licking his lips thanking us both for a fucking good time. Ashley surprised us both that day and although it has never been repeated, we have talked about it. Ashley has hinted that it is my turn next time to enjoy a threesome with another woman; she has a very gorgeous sister so who knows. The BBQ went well, we all enjoyed plenty of drink, there were lots of women in short skirts and low cut tops but my cock was feeling sorry for itself after such a work out and it didn't let out another murmur all night long.... --

The End

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