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Spanked For Being a Tease

No stop!

"No stop! Don't, please don't!" I couldn't believe it; here I was with my hands tied behind my back, bare bottom up high and his big black cock was about to impale my struggling ass. Like it wasn't enough getting the spanking and then the paddling too, god my ass hurt so badly already.

"You're going to take it you little tease, every last bit of my cock up your ass." he was mad alright, I had never been in this much trouble before. I knew he would never hurt me, other than a spanking, but still I was scared. I had been out at the bar after work with a few of my friends having a great time. I was the center of attention. Look where it got me, right over Jason's knee for the hardest spanking I had ever received, and now his cock was going to invade my virgin ass.

It was only a few drinks, but I guess I don't hold my liquor very well because after my girl friends went home I was still there dancing up a storm. The guy I was dancing with had my shirt open and was encouraging me to shake my stuff. Mere minutes later he grabbed my skirt hem and tucked it into the back of my waistband. The short little skirt was brown leather and flared nicely at the bottom. Of course at that point when he tucked it in, my precocious little ass was hanging out giving every guy in the room a good show. I only had a tiny thong on, so yeah I guess I was just asking for trouble. Of course trouble is exactly what I got.

The man I was dancing with said his name was Perry, he asked me if I was married or anything. Stupidly I said no. I'm not married, in the true sense of the word, but Jason and I have been together long enough to make it a legal arrangement. It wasn't long after that when Perry asked me to come up stairs in one of the bars rooms. I didn't even know the bar had rooms, but I declined and said I needed to be going home. That's when things started to get ugly.

"Look you little tease your coming with me upstairs, you know you want too."

"No please, I really have to get home it's getting late." I grabbed my purse and started for the door. He couldn't stop me with a room full of people and I wasn't very worried. Making it to the door I didn't even notice he was a couple steps behind me. I was still pretty drunk and knew I shouldn't drive home, but it wasn't far and I didn't want to call Jason to pick me up because he would be mad as hell that I was there in the first place without him.

I kind of staggered to my car, my skirt was still stuck in the waistband, and I had forgotten it was even there. Fumbling for my keys I didn't see him come right up behind me.

"Just a minute you little bitch, you can't just walk out on a guy like that." He said grabbing my wrist and spinning me around to face the car. "Hey let go!" I shouted.

"Forget it babe, you've been teasing all night, now I'm going to fill that little pussy of yours with some big white meat." He started pawing at my thong, trying to pull it down, I really couldn't do much and it's not like I had anything to cover myself with. I did the only thing I could and started screaming. Well that didn't work out real well either and he quickly covered my mouth with his beer smelling hand. The other hand forced me to the back of the car, then face down on the trunk. Perry ripped the skimpy material right off my ass.

Oh god I didn't know what to do, I was so scared. All of a sudden I was completely sober and very much regretting shaking my ass there in the bar.

Perry held his knee against my back, and then fingers probed my pussy, parting the lips. His other hand stayed covering my mouth. All I remember was the smell of beer and the way his fingers forced their way into my tunnel.

It seemed all hell broke loose for a few minutes; all of a sudden there was Jason beating the piss out of that guy Perry. I was screaming and crying and Jason had Perry on the ground pummeling his face with his huge black fists. Perry managed to escape and I saw him run like hell out of the parking lot and down the street.

Jason turned to me then and pulled me tight into his arms. I just sobbed up against his beating heart. "You ok babe? Did he hurt you?"

I sobbed out, that I was ok and didn't get hurt. He made me bend over the back of the car anyway to inspect my body for any damage. Satisfied I wasn't hurt, he took away my keys and we both got into his car. He mumbled something about coming by in the morning to get it.

On the way home I sobbed out the story of what happened omitting the part about shaking my big white titties and tight little ass for all the guys to see. I could tell by the way he looked at me that he knew I was hiding something. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it had been mostly my own fault.

As we pulled into the garage he demanded that I march straight up stairs for a bath and then directly into our room. He would wait for me in the bedroom. I was a bit scared, because when Jason gets angry, I always get a spanking and I was sure this time I was really going to get a hard one.

I soaked in the tub for as long as I dared, not wanting him to have to wait to long. Putting on my little red night shirt with nothing underneath I went into the bedroom to accept my fate. My nerves were tingling; my ass was tightly clenched at thought of being over his knee, completely at his mercy.

Jason was sitting on the edge of the bed; he had a leather paddle in his hands, bouncing it back and forth from one palm to the other. I hadn't counted on the paddle, which was reserved for when I was really bad. That wasn't very often; just the thought of that paddle slapping my ass was enough to keep me in line.

"Come here," he said patting his lap, coaxing me to lie across it. "You know I got to spank that sassy ass. You've given me a good reason to bring this paddle out and blister your behind with it."

"Jason please I didn't mean for anything to happen."

"Oh I see, you just went in there and shook that ass not expecting to turn on every guy in the place? I suppose you didn't think twice about having some bastard lift your skirt and tuck it into your hem either? You think I didn't notice you were only wearing that little black thong? How many times have I said to call me if you want to go to the bar after work and that I'll go with you, or at least come and pick you up?"

"I know Jason, I'm sorry, I'm sooo sorry..."

"Oh you're going to be even sorrier when I spank that bottom to a nice deep red color. Now get over here, and I mean right now!"

Instinctively, my hands went to cover my bottom, I didn't want to get spanked.

"If I got to ask you again, that precocious little ass is really going to sting."

Edging my way over to where he sat, all I could think about was that paddle. I put my hands on his knee and ever so slowly started to bend over; my ass already could feel the fire I knew was unavoidable. All of a sudden SMACK! The paddle connected with my quivering ass cheeks, sending me flying down over his lap. "Get those hands behind your back." Oh god he was going to tie my hands so I couldn't protect my burning bottom.

I did as I was told, not wanting him any angrier. A piece of leather was looped around my wrists and I whimpered a little knowing what was next. With my arms tied tightly behind me I felt my night shirt being lifted. A moment later I was jacked up even higher over his knee with my bottom completely exposed in the spanking position. I kept saying I was sorry, but Jason just wrapped his legs around mine and started to spank with his open hand. At first I just accepted the fact and tried to stay still as my ass began to heat up, but soon I was bouncing up and down over his knee. Struggling was useless with my hands tied and his big arm around my middle. All the squirming in the world didn't matter, my ass was on fire and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. I began pleading, hoping he would stop spanking me. It didn't work, Oh god it really started to hurt, and his big black hand was like lightening striking my bare ass. "Ow! Please stop, it hurts Jason!" My bottom was wiggling and bouncing all over his lap. "It's going to hurt even more when I take this paddle to your ass." I couldn't believe he was going to paddle me too. "No! Please don't, I'm so sorry Jason, Don't paddle me. Please!" I whined.

That didn't work either; he picked up the paddle and began to really blister my behind. I thought my poor ass hurt with just his hand, but that paddle really got my attention. Smack, smack , smack, over and over it fell over my very red bottom, I started to sob loudly and finally he stopped. "Alright have you learned your lesson this time or do I have to paddle this bottom some more." He said while rubbing my crimson red ass. I just sobbed onto his leg and nodded my head. I certainly learned my lesson. "Good now get up on the bed and keep that ass up high, I'm going to show you what happens to bad little girls who shake there asses in bars.

I wasn't in any position to argue and so with my bottom on fire; my hands still tied I struggled to get into position. I didn't know what he was going to do. I mean I never expected that his cock was going to be driven up my fiery red ass. "That's a good girl, don't move or I'll spank that ass even redder." That when I felt the wet gooey stuff being applied to my virgin hole. "No! Jason no! Not my ass!" My screech was rewarded with the paddle being swiftly re-applied to my already aching bottom. After several swats to my behind I was ready to stay still and let him do my ass. I didn't want to get spanked again, my ass hurt so badly. I felt his finger slid into my tight little hole, I tried to move away but he held my hips in place and soon the finger was all the way in. Then another finger joined the first, then another... My ass was being stretched, and at first it really hurt. With all three fingers in my butt, he started finger fucking me, in and out. I knew his big black cock was going in next. Jason withdrew his fingers; I felt his bulging cock press against my upturned ass. Oh Christ that was it, a searing hot pain invaded my rear. "Ow oh that hurts! Jason Please stop! That hurts!"

"Stay still! Your taking every bit of it, it will stop hurting in a minute, besides little girls who shake their asses in the bar need to find out what can happen."

Slowly Jason pushed all his black meat up my little red ass, he was right; after a few minutes of painful stretching my ass finally loosened up and he began pumping that big hunk of meat in and out over and over. I couldn't believe that I was starting to enjoy having my ass reamed. My pussy began leaking like crazy. Jason shoved a couple fingers in my wet cunt, my ass was moving up and down against his fingers and cock. Oh god I was going to blow pussy juice everywhere! I never imagined that a good hard spanking and an ass fuck could be so stimulating. My pussy exploded squirting cum juice all down the inside of my thighs. I felt Jason's huge cock stiffen inside my ass then a mighty jerk as his cum shot blasted into me.

We both collapsed sideways on the bed, he untied my binds and gave me a nice tight hug. I couldn't do much but lay on my tummy because my ass was still stinging brightly from the spanking. I never went alone to the bar again and Jason and I have been busy exploring many more sexual positions and techniques ever since.

The end

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