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The Babysitter gets screwed

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"So," Rebecca said, as I pulled the car into the driveway. "How do you like the new babysitter?"

"She seems nice," I said.

"'Nice'," Rebecca sneered. "Oh, sure. But do you think she's sexy?"

I stopped the car.

"Yeah, she's kinda cute," I said.

"Would you like to fuck her?" Rebecca asked.

I laughed. Crissy, our new babysitter was a cute, young thing - about nineteen years old, with big blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. She was neither too tall, nor too skinny and always wore jeans, tightly fitted around her cute little ass. And even in those big sweaters she liked to wear, you could tell her breasts were remarkably well developed. So - good question: Would I like to fuck her?

"I haven't," I said. "If that's what you mean."

"Oh no," Rebecca said. "But maybe you should."

She opened the door and got out of the car. I followed her. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Oh, you know," she said. "It's healthy for a man your age to have a bit of young pussy."

"You're crazy," I laughed.

We walked into the house. In the hallway, Rebecca stopped me. I looked at her. She was really sexy in her long, black, strapless dress - her long, black hair flowing down over her bare shoulders. She'd been the focus of all males at the dinner party, and I could see why.

"You wait here," she said.

"Why?" I asked. "Oh. Oh, no, you wouldn't..."

"Don't' worry," she said, smiling. "I'll be gentle. You just stay here and... well, I suppose you might as well get undressed. See ya."

And she walked into the living room, closing the door behind her. I laughed and shook my head. What can I say? I have a kinky wife. And I love her very much.

"Good evening," I heard Crissy the babysitter's voice from the living room. "She's asleep now. She's been very good."

"Oh sure." This was Rebecca's voice. "Never mind that. I hear you've been sleeping with my husband." I heard Crissy gasp. Smiling, I took off my jacket and shirt. Call me a vain bastard, but I couldn't help admiring my muscular torso in the mirror. I believe I'm in great shape for a man in his late thirties.

"No," Crissy protested in the next room. "I never... You can ask him yourself." "Right," Rebecca said. "But now I'm asking you. And I don't believe you." I heard scuffling sounds, and Crissy shrieked. I was pretty sure Rebecca had grabbed her. I kicked off my shoes and socks.

"Take your clothes off," Rebecca said.

"No, please," Crissy sobbed. "Please, madam...."

I unbuckled my belt and pulled off pants and underwear. Naked in the hall, I saw my long cock quivering. I took it in my hand, stroking it gently.

"Shut up," Rebecca said. "Take your clothes off, you little slut."

I looked at my cock in the mirror as I stroked it. Long and veiny, it began to harden and rise in my fist. It felt good.

I heard a metallic jingle from the living room. Kristy was still whimpering. I looked at myself in the mirror - flexing my muscles I savored the sight of my erection. I could hardly wait to see what Rebecca was up to.

They were quiet now. Naked and excited, I walked slowly through the door to the living room.

Crissy sat on our big white leather couch, naked, her arms behind her back. Her pretty blue eyes were already wide open, and as she saw me entering, she gave a loud gasp.

Crissy was even prettier in the nude: She was well proportioned, with full hips and shapely breasts, young and firm. And between her legs, Rebecca was kneeling, still wearing her evening dress.

I walked closer. Rebecca's fingers were gently pulling at Crissy's labia, her tongue slowly licking her young pussy. It was a lovely sight: My wife's long, thirsty tongue tasting the flesh of our babysitter. Crissy was sobbing helplessly.

I watched them, masturbating. Rebecca intensified her licking, slurping away at Crissy's tiny pink clit. I saw Crissy getting wet, and knew that Rebecca was now tasting the girl's excitement. Crissy squirmed on the couch, moaning.

Looking over the back, I saw the handcuffs. While I was undressing, Rebecca had cuffed Crissy's hand behind the couch. My cock twitched. This was good. This was really good. Rebecca was slurping loudly between Crissy's thighs. "Ah!" Crissy cried, her slender legs kicking into the air. My cock was thick and erect, dripping clear liquid onto the carpet, as I kept stroking it.

Rebecca looked up at me, her face wet with Crissy's juices. She was smiling.

"I think she's ready," she said and got up.

Crissy looked up at me. The size of my cock seemed to frighten her.

"No!" she cried. "Please!"

"Ungrateful bitch!" Rebecca said. "Most young girls would love to be fucked by a stud like my husband."

I knelt between Crissy's legs.

"No!" she whispered.

Her pussy was wet from Rebecca's licking. Slowly, I slipped a finger into her soft, pink slit. Carefully, I moved it back and forth a few times, making her moan. She was not a virgin. Not that I had expected her to, but I couldn't help wondering what lucky young punk had had the pleasure of deflowering our little babysitter. Fascinated, I put my face next to Crissy's pussy, inhaling the smell of the young girl's flesh.

"You like that?" Rebecca asked. "Young pussy. That makes you hot, doesn't it?"

I didn't answer. Keeping my finger inside her slit, I buried my face between Crissy's legs, sniffing the sweet scent of her delicious, young flesh. Tenderly, I kissed her cunt, then began sucking. She gasped. I pushed my tongue forwards, forcing it in between her labia. Greedily, I licked the insides of her pussy, my tongue lapping up and down. The taste of her juice was sweet and spicy, and as she got wetter, I sucked it up and drank it down.

Crissy was kicking and squirming on the couch. But with her hands tied behind the back, she was helpless. I grabbed her ass as I kept sucking her pussy. Her nipples stood out, erect and excited.

Next to us, Rebecca had zipped down her dress. Now she stepped out of it and stood naked, except for her high-heeled shoes. I glanced over at her. She's gorgeous: A tall, thin woman with voluptuous breasts - and a fine pussy crowned by a tiny bush of jet-black hair. And, watching us, she let her fingers gently part her labia. Her tiny pink clit peeked out, glistening with juice. Then she began to stroke her own flesh in a slow, sensuous rhythm.

I kept licking Crissy's cunt, while looking at my wife. I love to watch Rebecca masturbate. She really gets into it, teasing herself to incredible heights of pleasure. And a beautiful woman having a powerful orgasm is always a lovely sight.

Crissy was watching Rebecca, too, utterly amazed. She'd never imagined that the nice lady who hired her would do anything so filthy: Standing naked in front of her, masturbating shamelessly. And the nice lady's husband on his knees, licking her cunt. Again, Crissy pulled at the handcuffs behind her back. They jingled loudly, but it was no use: Her hands were tied. She moaned.

I gave Crissy's pussy one last, wet kiss. Then I straightened up, still kneeling and grabbed my cock. Licking her cunt had turned me on so much, I now had an incredible hard-on.

"Look at it!" I said, slowly stroking my cock.

Crissy looked at my erection and gasped. You never know how experienced these young girls are, but obviously, Crissy had never been with a man who was hung like me. Not that my cock is monstrously huge, but around nine inches seems to be enough to please most women.

Rebecca was still touching herself, excited at the thought of what was going to happen next.

"Yes," she whispered. "He's going to fuck you now, Crissy. Better open wide, 'cause he's going to fuck you with that big, fat cock of his."

"Please!" Crissy whimpered, squirming on the couch.

I couldn't tell if she was being serious, or if she was just acting. For all I knew, our babysitter was as turned on as we were. Slowly, I guided my cock towards her wet slit. She bit her lip, as the swollen helmet made contact with the mouth of her cunt. Breathing deeply, I pushed forwards. Crissy's pussy opened, letting my hard cock enter. Deeper and deeper, I slid into her, savoring the sensation of her hot flesh wrapped around my shaft.

"Ahhh!" I groaned.

I'd buried the entire length of my cock inside her. Rebecca masturbated at the sight, gasping with pleasure. Crissy sat motionless on the couch, trembling, obviously waiting for me to start fucking her.

So I did. I pulled back, then thrust deep into her tight, wet slit. She gave a loud cry. Again and again, I poked her, feeling her soft flesh stretching around my cock. I fucked her in a steady rhythm, entering deep and hard with every stroke. Crissy was moaning now - moaning with pleasure.

"Yeah," I gasped. "You love it, don't you? You nasty little bitch."

"Yes!" Crissy shrieked. "Oh, please. Aaah!"

Panting with lust, Rebecca drove two fingers into her own cunt and began thrusting them in and out, in and out - fucking herself.

"Give it to her!" she gasped. "Fuck her real good!"

Grunting like an animal, I thrust even deeper into Crissy, making her scream. Over and over, my swelling meat entered her tender pussy.

Then suddenly, Rebecca leaned over and kissed me. Opening our mouths, we kissed passionately.. It was an incredibly kinky sensation: Kissing my wife, while I was fucking the babysitter - and my wife masturbating like mad. Our tongues played sensuously with one another, until I heard Crissy's cries growing louder - and I knew she was about to come.

Rebecca pulled back, watching intently.

"Are you coming?" I asked, giving Crissy a few more powerful thrusts. And then it happened.

"Aaah!" Crissy cried, my glistening cock pumping in and out of her cunt. "Aaah!" Her young body trembled uncontrollably, overcome with pleasure. She threw her head back, lost in the sensual rush of a violent orgasm.

Rebecca lay on her back on the carpet.

"Oh, God," she gasped. "Come here, both of you!"

I pulled out of Crissy, my cock dripping with her lovely juice. Then I grabbed hold of her, pulling her up from the couch. She was nearly unconscious, delirious with pleasure.

I pushed her down on her knees. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back. Rebecca spread her legs, and I placed Crissy's face just above Rebecca's pussy. Then I assumed the position behind Crissy, my reddened cock pointing straight up. I grabbed Crissy by the hair, pushing her face into my wife's cunt. "Now lick it," I said. "Lick it good."

Expectantly, Rebecca reached down and parted her pussy-lips with two fingers, exposing the wet, pink insides of her excited cunt. Crissy hesitated for a second, but as I kept pushing her face down, she opened her mouth, her lips gently kissing my wife's pussy.

"Oh, fuck!" Rebecca gasped.

Slowly, Crissy began sucking at her clit, rhythmically munching at her soft flesh. "Mmm," Crissy said.

I knew she was tasting my wife's spicy juices, and the thought made me mad with lust. I guided my rigid cock towards Crissy's wet opening and pushed forwards. She was so wet, that my thick cock easily penetrated her. With a little slippery sound, I entered her to the root.

Rebecca lay squirming on the floor, while Crissy sucked her pussy. Our babysitter obviously did an excellent job - Rebecca was beside herself with pleasure. "Yes!" she cried. "Now fuck her! Fuck her hard!"

I grabbed Crissy's hips and thrust into her savagely. I heard her muffled moans, as I drove my cock into her again and again. Rebecca was gasping for air, and I knew her orgasm was approaching.

"Good girl, Crissy," I whispered. "Make her come!"

I saw Crissy's little wet tongue lapping away at my wife's cunt, making slurping sounds. And then it happened.

"Aaah!" Rebecca screamed. "Yeahhh!"

She arched her back, trembling violently as she climaxed. A powerful orgasm washed through her body, making her thrash about on the carpet.

I grabbed Crissy's hair, pulling her head away from Rebecca's pussy. Then, still fucking her savagely, I kissed her on the mouth. I pushed my tongue in between her soft lips, tasting my wife's delicious juices in her mouth. Excited, I thrust into Crissy's cunt over and over.

"Mmm!" she screamed, trying to pull away from me. "Mmm!"

She had come again. The young girl was shivering, overcome with sensations of ecstasy she hadn't known before. She was limp in my hands, letting us use her body as a toy for our kinky pleasures.

At the height of my excitement, I pulled out of her slit and stood up. Still holding onto her hair, I stood in front of the trembling girl, pointing my swelling cock at her mouth. Obediently, she parted her lips and let me enter. She sucked me vigorously, while I thrust rhythmically into her mouth.

Rebecca sat up on the carpet, watching us.

"Yes," she said. "Come in her mouth."

I could hardly hold out any longer. My cock was throbbing, and I felt the pressure of my semen boiling up through the shaft.

"Yeah!" I cried. "Here I go!"

I almost passed out with pleasure, as the first long burst of sperm shot into Crissy's mouth. I ejaculated so hard, it was almost painful. With each violent contraction, my cock shot another load of semen down our babysitter's throat. "Swallow!" Rebecca ordered. "Swallow every last drop! You bitch!"

Grunting and yelling, I emptied myself in rhythmic spurts. Obediently, Crissy just sat her, hands cuffed behind her back, gulping down my spunk. As my orgasm subsided, I grabbed my cock and masturbated into her mouth, squeezing out a few more drops. Finally, my cock went soft and I let it slip from her mouth. "Yeah," I whispered. "Hell yeah..."

Rebecca got up and untied Crissy's handcuffs.

"You've been a good girl," she said. "Now put your clothes on and go home. We don't want your parents to worry about you."

"Yes, ma'am," Crissy said.

She stumbled over to the pile of clothes on the floor and hurriedly began dressing. Rebecca looked at me, smiling.

I sat down on the couch, exhausted. I didn't even bother to get dressed. Rebecca put her dress back on.

"By the way," she said. "Crissy, can you come over on Thursday?"

Crissy thought for a second.

"Sure," she said. "Are you going out?"

Rebecca laughed.

"Not on your life!" she said. "We'll be right here. Waiting for you." Crissy's big blue eyes opened wide.

She giggled.

The End

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