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Watching Him Masturbate in the Woods

Voyuer Taboo

I can see you through the trees, sitting on an old tree stump, head bent.

As quietly as I can I step forwards, I'm curious to see what you are doing here. I need to get closer. Pushing the branches back I pick my way carefully towards you. SNAP. My foot treads on a rotten twig and in the quiet the noise cracks loudly through the air. I pause, my eyes locked on you, but you make no move to indicate that the noise has disturbed you. Drawing a calming breath I inch forwards. I am now close enough that I can see you clearly.

One hand rests on your thigh and the other is inside the open fastening of your jeans, the fabric drawn tightly. Your arm moves and your hand withdraws holding a stiffening cock in the palm. You push your jeans down and extract your balls from their confines. There you sit in all your glory, your balls and gorgeous cock stripped of covering. I know I'm holding my breath as I crouch there spying on you. Just looking at you though, I want to reach out and touch and taste. Wrap my lips around that fabulous cock and suck it into my mouth.

You move first, your hand grasping your cock as you moan. My lips parted all I can do is stare as your fist moves up and down your shaft. The head of your cock red and inviting. My breath quickens and the crotch of my knickers feels damp as I watch your secret performance. Your head is now tilted back and one hand is cupping your balls, tugging at the skin, as you wank, moving your hand a little faster over the tip of your cock. Pulling and stretching the skin. A groan slips between my lips and I press my fingers over my mouth to stifle any more. The movement of your hand has slowed and you are squeezing your cock slowly, still tugging at your balls. I am now so wet that I can feel the slickness between my pussy lips. Careful not to move too much I slip my hand up my skirt and under the edge of my knickers -- oh my pussy is so, so wet. Rubbing my finger along the edge of the lips makes me shudder a little and I look to check that you still feel you are alone.

You are leaning back, giving me a perfect view of your cock, as your fingers stroke up and down the sides of the shaft. Just to plant myself on you, to straddle you and take all of you inside my pussy in one move. To slide up and down on you, to feel you fill my pussy with each downward thrust. My thumb moves to my clit, flicking it as my finger slips into my pussy, imagining your cock at the entrance to me. My moan this time is louder, not so easily stifled. You pause, raising you head, your fingers still stroking your cock. For a moment it feels as if you are looking straight at me, but you can't be, as you continue your ministrations.

You stand, legs parted, hips thrust forwards and start to wank in earnest, your hand moving faster and faster on your cock which is so hard and swollen. I try to keep pace as my fingers fuck my pussy and my other hand rubs against my clit. I so desperately want to orgasm, but I want to see you, and I can't take my eyes off you. Buttocks clenching, your hips thrusting in time with the movements of the hand on your cock. I can almost feel you driving your cock deep into my pussy, as my fingers thrust into me.

With one loud groan spunk spurts from your cock over the ground and just seems to keep coming. Your body tenses as the last of it is released. I'm not far behind you, having seen you cum I can now focus on me and the excitement and perverseness of watching you has made me so ready. My fingers fucking in and out of my pussy frantically. I feel my stomach clench, my thighs start to shake, so much so that I fall back onto the ground, skirt raised, legs spread. Faster and faster and then I'm there, my pussy convulsing around my fingers, my body tight and a scream emanating from my lips. No thought to keeping myself hidden now! --

The End

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