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Strapped With Becky's Belt

"I spoke to you earlier today about your past week's demerits. Why are you here?"

"To be punished, Governess," he answered with a quaver in his voice.

"How did I punish you last week?"

"You gave me a strapping with Becky's belt."

"Now I want you to strip. Completely!"

"Everything, Governess?" His insides fluttered.

"Everything! Quickly!"

Governess stood with her hands on her hips and watched him remove his clothes. Then she ordered, "Get Becky and bring her here. Tell her to bring her belt."

"Please, Governess!"


Shamed by his nakedness, he walked down the hall of the large house and timidly knocked on Becky's door. No answer. He knocked again, a little harder. A moment later Becky opened her door.

A look of surprise at his nakedness, and then she put her hand over her mouth and giggled.

"Governess wants to see you in her study", he stammered. "And she wants you to bring your belt."

Becky's eyes gleamed. The firm blonde retrieved the leather belt from her closet. It was long, straight, and slightly thicker than the usual fare. A little wider than two inches, it was a formidable instrument when doubled up and used on a bare bottom. She doubled the belt and swished it through the air a few times.

"Let's go," Becky ordered. His naked shame increased as he walked ahead of her to the study.

Governess smiled slightly when she saw the natural, comfortable dominance that Becky exuded. When they arrived, Becky stood at attention.

"Becky, I'm rather tired tonight. I want you to give him his strapping. Fifty strokes. Take him to his room. Good night."

"Good night, Governess," Becky said with excitement in her voice. She grasped his arm and, with her belt in her other hand, briskly walked him to his room. She arranged a cushion in the center of the bed and told him to lie on his tummy so that his hips were raised.

He gave a sigh, and got in the humiliating position mandated by his young governess. She produced several binding straps and secured his ankles and wrists to the corners of his bed.

I don't know which I like more, she thought to herself, binding him so he can't get out of position, or watching him struggle to keep his bottom presented.

He almost visibly trembled. The last time he had been strapped with Becky's belt, he got thirty five strokes. He was sure he didn't want to go through that again.

"You're going to get fifty with my belt!" The eager and athletic young dominatrix teased. "Try not to move too much. If you do, I'll bring Trisha to help hold you in place." She sensed his humiliation at the thought.

Becky doubled the belt and took her position as disciplinarian with one foot slightly in front. She focused on her charge's pale, naked nether globes and bent her knees slightly. In a space of a couple seconds, she raised her arm, struck the belt across the male's bare bottom, and swiped with a complete follow-through.

As a flash of pain exploded on his backside his whole body jerked and he exclaimed, "AAAH!"

Not even two seconds elapsed before the next stroke of leather planted its hot kiss on both nether cheeks. Becky continued in that fashion, and energetically leathered his backside as his movements became pronounced and his exclamations more shrill, until she had given him twenty five.

Becky looked with satisfaction at the red tracks that her belt had made.

"You're wiggling too much. I'm going to get Trisha!"

"NO! Don't! Please!"

All was quiet for a few moments, until he heard giggling.

"Oh, nice and red." It was Trisha's sweet voice. She ran her hands over his punished bottom, made some approving sounds, and then spread his bottom cheeks apart.

He squirmed as a new wave of humiliation swept through him, and the femmes giggled again.

Trisha leaned over and placed both hands firmly on the bound male's back, and nodded to Becky. With more force than before, Becky applied the belt to the bound male's naked bottom. His shouts were louder, his attempts to wiggle more pronounced. Trisha, though, firmly held him in place. Twenty five times the belt swiped across both sides of the male's backside, causing a strap-induced jiggle.

Becky rested her strap across the captive male's waist and said, "We'll be back in thirty minutes to untie you."

After the requisite time, the girls came back. "I did give it to you good," Becky giggled, and ran her hands over his well strapped bare bottom. Her taste for domination and humiliation was not sated, especially since her friend Trisha was with her.

The girls unbound his hands and feet, and told him to turn over rather than get up. When they began to bind his wrists and ankles to the bed when he had turned face up, he had fear in his eyes. "What are you doing?!"

Neither girl replied. What they did next caused his eyes to widen. Becky and Trisha reached under their skirts and removed their panties. They rubbed the panties on their recently jilled pussies.

"You made too much noise when I punished you," Becky firmly stated. "Governess tells me that she wants to know if you carry on too much like you did. She'll increase your punishment next time if I tell her. Open your mouth!"

Becky wadded up her well scented panties and stuffed them in his mouth. He caught the unmistakable scent of her feminine arousal. Trisha used her panties to hold Becky's in place, and tied them around the male's mouth and around his head.

Becky's fascination with male anatomy came to the fore, and the girls giggled as they lightly handled his balls. When they had charmed his member to a turgid state, they delicately handled it. Their giggling, as well as the handling, caused it to become fully erect.

After more teasing and giggling, Becky asked, "Do you like this?"

"Ymmmmmf!" he nodded.

"Do you want me to tell Governess that you yelled too much when I spanked you?"

He shook his head while moaning into his panty gag, knowing that augmented punishment is severe.

She got a bottle of hand lotion and squirted a healthy amount of it on the erect member which swayed before her. Then she wrapped one hand around it and gave it several teasing up and down strokes. His hips moved to meet her hand each time.

"I'll tell Governess that you took your spanking well," she said. "But it will come at a price."

She wrapped her hand around the head of his cock. Trisha picked up a rubber band and brought it close to his midsection. She stretched it and let it snap against his balls.

"MMMMMMMMMF!" He pumped wildly in response to the exploding pain in his balls. Becky held her hand in place. Another snap, and he thrashed about several times, and pumped his erection into Becky's hand.

Every time he recovered from the intense pain and settled down from his wild thrusting, Trisha snapped the elastic band against his nuts. Every time, he gave vent to an urgent yell into his gag and his hips pumped wildly.

In spite of the intense pain Trisha inflicted, he began to feel the sweet sensation of approaching ejaculation from his frenzied pumping into Becky's closed fist.

A few more snaps and his moans became those of pleasure. His ejaculation came suddenly, and he recklessly spurted over himself and Becky's hand.

The girls again giggled and made comments about the translucent substance that he squirted. Becky kept her hand around his cock until it started to deflate, and then wiped the spunk on his legs. They quickly untied him, had him give back their panties, and they left.

In bed that night he tried to digest his first taste of sensual female domination, and felt a mixture of different emotions as he lay on his tummy.

For several days the soreness from his severe strapping served to constantly remind him of his experience. Several days hence, as he was getting in bed, he found a pair of panties under his pillow. He slowly picked them up and brought them to his face.

Several times he inhaled the scent of Becky's feminine arousal. His cock became hard, and he looked toward the bottle of hand lotion.

Meanwhile, Becky convinced their governess that she should be the one to discipline their male housemate, since it increased his humiliation for a female closer to his age to administer.

Governess agreed as she watched Becky's hands absentmindedly stroke her belt. --

The End

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