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The Hotel Sex Party

by Irish Eyes

I finally got to have my first Hotel Sex Party. I invited two of my favorite men, and it didn't exactly go according to the plan. It went better!!

In my sexual exploration, I have been hoping for some time to have a party with two or more men. I tried several times, but it never seemed to work out, trying to get the men to be available at the same time, same place. And, of course, I needed the "right" men. I knew from the very beginning that it was important to put the right two men together with me. In that light, it seems that I have been "interviewing" candidates for a while. I knew that I needed men who were comfortable with me and what I enjoy in sex- incredible kissing, sensual touch, long foreplay, great connected sex. Of course, men who don't meet those requirements don't see me a second time, so that still left a decently (or maybe indecently!) large pool from which to draw. I needed men who were comfortable with themselves- secure in their own sexuality (whether straight or bi-) and possessing a generous nature (ie. caring most about giving pleasure to the woman!) They needed to know what they like, what they want, and be able to communicate those needs and desires effectively. Well, that still matched a few of my favorite men. They also needed to feel comfortable in the room with another naked man- not threatened or intimidated, not having any need to prove themselves to me in comparison. No room for pissing contests or comparing dick size in this encounter! And lastly, I wanted 2 men who were interested, and able, to give me a double penetration. I've dreamed of one for a while, written several stories including the whole scenario (I do have an active imagination!), and had numerous "pretend" dp's with vibrator in one orifice and cock in the other, or two vibrators at once. But I've never been able to manage to have the two men together at the same time to allow it.

So I narrowed down the list of available and appropriate men, and still had several who would be wonderful in the scenario. Now I just had to figure out how to get them together.

My primary boyfriend and I were planning a weekend retreat in the spring, but the plans fell through. At the same time, one of my other favorite men (who I rarely get to see) had the weekend free. I certainly saw this as a sign that we should all try to get together. Through a series of emails and IM's, we arranged to meet up in a hotel (to give us all privacy). Because the two guys hadn't met (but knew of each other through me), we met for lunch at a local sports bar. We kept the conversation light and just let everyone get comfortable before heading over to the hotel.

My boyfriend, Paul, went into the hotel to check us in. Paul is a sweet man with long reddish hair, going grey. He's 50 (a younger man!!), but looks a bit older because he's had some heavy-duty life experiences. But, instead of being a bitter cynic, as some become, he's an eternal optimist. He smiles easily- all the way to his hazel eyes- and is quick to joke around, especially to put others at ease. He's not a classically handsome man and his body is not perfect, but he is one of the sexiest men I know. He feels his mission is to give pleasure and he excels at it. He's also a kind, gentle person with many layers, some of which I've explored, but I know there is more to him yet to learn.

While Paul checks in, my other friend, David, parks his car and comes to sit in my car. Oooh, parking!! He leans towards me and we kiss (much more than the little peck in the restaurant). This man is one of the best kissers I've ever known. I've had orgasms just kissing this man from the first time I met him. David is tall, dark, and handsome, 30-something, shaved all over (except his short, dark hair), and has smooth wonderful skin that I just love to run my hands over. A little quick petting and it's time to go into the hotel for the Main Event!

Paul has already gone to the room, calling me with the room number. David helps me carry my things inside. I know I'm only staying the night, but with laptop and clothes and sex toys bag, there are a few things to bring in. We kiss again in the elevator (after the other guest stepped out!) and knock on the hotel room door.

Paul lets us in and we all start putting our things down, checking out the room, me brushing my teeth. A little nervous- how does one actually start a sex party??- but I kiss one man as I make my way across the room, and then kiss the other man on the other side. I go to the bathroom and return, sans panties now. Both men are naked now. Hmmmmm. A hand, I'm not sure whose, sneaks under my dress (a blue and green flowery dress with a low cut cross-over bodice showing my tits, and a full skirt) and immediately notes my absence of underwear! Up goes the dress and I only have on my demi-bra. That comes off quickly and I scootch up onto one of the beds completely naked.

I start chattering a little, anxiously trying to figure out what to do, and Paul tells David, "I think she needs to quit controlling things". David laughs and says "Yeah, that's hard for her". So Paul gives me "that" look and I figure I better behave (not that he's into punishment, but one never knows what he'll come up with). He walks over to me, eyes twinkling and pulls out a blindfold. Hmmmmmmm. "This could be fun", I think. I lay back and try to relax with the blindfold covering my vision. I'm not really nervous now, since I know these guys well, but I'm excited. I feel light touch on my skin, stroking my breasts. Another hand on the other side strokes my leg. I can't tell whose hands are whose. I feel a hand gently pulling my face to one side and I find a cock at my mouth. I put out my tongue and start licking. Hmmm. I know whose this is! The shaved balls are a clue! And I know he loves having them licked and sucked so I do my best. I feel him pull away and then my face is turned to the other side and another cock is at my lips. I know this one as well- my boyfriend's! Hmmmmmm. I know what he likes as well so I put my best efforts into licking him, swirling my tongue around the corona and the glans. Just as I'm really getting into it, he moves away again. I lay there waiting to see what will happen next. I hear rummaging in the toy bag and then I feel a vibrator brush my skin. Next, another vibrator touches me on the other side of my body. Oh, my. Each man has a vibrator and they are sliding them all over me- arms, legs, breasts, neck. Very erotic. At one point, one vibrator was on my clit and one on my earlobe, and the one on the earlobe was doing even more to me than the one on my clit! My whole body is vibrating with shudders. I feel a cock between my legs and raise up my hips to allow him to enter me. Hmmm. His cock smoothly fills me and starts fucking me. I'm pretty sure it's David, but now it's hard to tell. Other hands are playing with my breasts as I start to come. Almost as soon as I come, David is gone, Paul is gone; no one is touching me. I squirm, wanting someone, anyone to touch me again. Paul whispers "You rest for a while". He takes off the blindfold and I roll onto my side and relax into languid sleep while David tells Paul that he is going to go pick up the other lady for the party.

I doze for a while, snuggled in the soft sheets, and wake up a bit more refreshed. After a while, David returns with his friend, Tonya. She's a sweet younger lady who he's played with before. He told us that she might be shy in the circumstances and might need some warming up. Well, Paul is really good at that (and I can be very sociable). We start talking and she seems to be getting more comfortable. David starts kissing her and I watch her respond. Paul tells her that she has too much clothing on and she starts taking off her clothes. (I only have on a lace shirt, no bra, and a sarong, no panties). Next thing I know, Paul is kissing her and stroking her breasts and she is starting to moan softly. David has lain down on the other bed, so I go join him and we start playing again. We are not in any hurry now, so we snuggle, touch, and kiss, slowly, sensually. Every now and then, we look over to the other bed where Paul is eating Tonya's pussy and she is coming, loudly!! We smile at each other, happy that they are having fun together. Of course, I'm naked again, just as David is, and I start licking his cock hard again. I flirt with his cock, getting it harder, playing with him, tasting his pre-ejaculate, flirting with my eyes as I watch his eyes go dark as I lick his balls again. I slip a condom on him, and climb on top of his cock, slipping him in my vagina and slowly rocking on him, driving him deeper. He lets out a slow moan and I know I'm driving him crazy. As I move, slowly, sensually, I orgasm once, twice, and lay my head on his shoulder. Regaining my breath, I ride him again and again. He rolls forward and flips me over on my back, keeping his cock inside me, and fucks me until he comes. He slips out quickly to dispose of the condom, but first I lick his cock clean!! Hmmmm.

Paul is letting Tonya rest for a while after her orgasm and we all get something to drink and relax. I lay down next to Paul for a while and we talk about how things are going. So far, we seem to be having a good party. He plays with me for a while and then gets a phone call from another lady that he'd talked with earlier and had invited. She'd love to come, but needs a ride to get to the hotel. I've also chatted earlier with another male friend of mine and he expressed some interest in coming to the party too. Well, I am definitely in favor of keeping the ratio in my favor (too many women means not enough men for me!!) so I invited him to come along when he's able to. I call him to see if he wants to come over and he agrees. In the course of telling him what we've been doing, he tells me that he doesn't really enjoy going down on women, and I remind him that I am fully aware of that. I tell him "I know exactly what you like, and what David and Paul like, and I will make sure you enjoy yourself!" "So, does that mean you'll have a 25 year old nubile young thing for me??" he asks. I laugh and say, "Just get your ass over here!!" Paul and Tonya head off to go pick up Sharon (the other lady who was invited) and I give David a back massage, sitting on his ass, naked, of course.

When Sharon arrives with Paul and Tonya, we are joking around about whether men would prefer having their cocks licked, sucked and teased (the way I love to do) or sucked deeply (in a deep throat manner). We offer to do a little "scientific" research and take turns on each man. Of course, the consensus is "all of the above" in favor of a combination approach. Whenever it is done with enthusiasm and skill, the men seem to enjoy it the most. That is what I've always known!

My friend, Roger, arrives and I let him in the door. We are all naked, so I tell him that he can come in if he will get naked. Well, for him, that is his favorite state, so he quickly strips. We sit down on one area of one of the beds and start kissing. I haven't seen him in a while and I love his energy. Roger is a good friend who loves sensual touch as much as I do. Since the first time we met each other, we have had an amazing shared energy that can result in the most erotic experiences. He is a tall guy in his 40's (I'm not that tall, so everyone is taller than I am!!), with dark hair, but lighter complexion than David. Another incredibly sexy man, although not everyone will see it in him. In my adventures, I have learned a lot about sexy- it's not in the face or the body type, it's in the attitude and the enthusiasm! Three of the sexiest men I know are here at one time!! Oh, my!!

Roger and I lie down on the bed and snuggle. There is very little "sexual" (ie, genital) touch (although I do fondle his nice, thick cock a bit and he fondles my breasts), but we kiss and use our chi (energy) to take the sensual touch to a completely different level. Light touch, firmer touch, holding each other, kissing, nuzzling my neck- I have several small, but lovely, orgasms. Roger is tired tonight and is not interested in strenuous sex, but we have a wonderful time connecting at several levels. I could stay in this man's arms forever, but someone announces that each woman should shift over to another man. Who's making these rules??? Oh, well. Since all three men are special to me, I'm certainly not complaining.

It becomes clear to me that, although there is certainly some fucking going on (mostly David, since he has miraculous recuperative abilities), there is a great deal of other types of sex - oral, finger fucking, vibrator play, sensual massage, and anal play. This is playful, energetic, gentle sex at its best. It's not just about having the big "O", although there is plenty of that going around; it's about giving each other pleasure and enjoying the experience. A far cry from some of the sex parties I've seen!!

Roger has to leave (after making his way around the room and pleasuring the other ladies with more direct stimulation and then letting me give him a brief back massage). I lie down with David and we relax together for a bit. I watch as Paul plays with Tonya. I try to decide if I feel jealous at all, and decide that I don't. I'm happy that he is enjoying himself and that he is showing her some new experiences. He prepares her mentally and physically, and then slides a glass dildo in her ass, causing her to moan in pleasure as she explodes in her orgasm. I rest in David's warm arms and he falls asleep for a while.

Paul and Tonya give Sharon a ride home and then return to playing. My goodness, they are quite the Energizer Bunnies!! I get up and go take a shower- clear my head and freshen up a bit. I join them on the other bed (leaving David to slumber alone for a while). Tonya is in awe of the fact that I had orgasms with Roger without sexual touch, that I can go into such a zone with him and block out everything else for a while, and that we have such a complex energy that the other people in the room could feel it. If we had gotten any hotter, there might have been sparks!! She's never seen anything like that. Tonya starts kissing me while Paul is playing with her clit, then he moves over to play with my pussy. Tonya's lips are fuller than any other woman I've played with, and I would probably enjoy them more if I weren't so tired. I do enjoy gently massaging her lovely smooth mahogany skin. We move into a triangle where I am sucking his cock, he is finger-playing Tonya, and Tonya is eating me! Hmmmmm. Tonya and I both come and I tell Paul that I want him inside me. His cock is hard from me sucking him, but when he moves around to enter me, he softens a bit and apologizes. Of course, he doesn't need to apologize to me, and it is 3:00 in the morning, so he uses a vibrator on me instead- fucking me with it in the same manner he would have used his cock. Hmmmm. Tonya plays with my breasts, massaging them, and I have my fingers on my clit. There's a bit too much lube, so I have trouble getting good friction. But the combination finally drives me over the edge and I am hit with the waves of my orgasm, eyes rolling back.

When I regain my consciousness, I crawl over to the other bed and snuggle up to David again. Wow, he's so warm!! I fall asleep for a little while, entwined with my leg over one of his and his hand on my hip. I am very comfortable and relaxed, but I don't fall deeply asleep. After some period of time (I don't know how long), I wake up to hear the other bed rocking. Hmmmm?? I roll over and, in the dim light, I see Paul fucking Tonya. I quietly watch them and I start feeling the same things he is doing to her. Oh, my! I'm having Empathy Sex! He's done those things to me in the same way and I am watching her experience them and I'm feeling the same experience!! I shudder with small orgasms, smiling at the thought. I stay quiet, not interrupting them, and just enjoy the shared feelings.

Eventually, the lights go out around 4 am and we all sleep; me in David's bed, Paul in bed with Tonya. There is soft snoring on both sides of the room, but we are all exhausted.

In the morning, David wakes first, goes to the bathroom and comes back to bed. I curl up against him again and my hands wander over his body, lingering on his cock. A few gentle strokes and my mouth follows my hand bringing him to life again. Hmmm. I love morning sex and I know David doesn't have the opportunity very often. Men are so hard in the morning!! I slip a condom on him, and roll it down his shaft using my mouth, causing David to smile in surprise. I slide up his body and climb on top of him, slipping his very hard cock into my vagina and riding him. We change positions and he pounds his cock into me with my legs wrapped around his waist until he comes with my vaginal muscles spasming around him. We collapse on to the bed and I tell him, "I don't know when your birthday is, but Happy Birthday!" He laughs and tells me when it is, so I tell him I'll have to do it again then!

Unfortunately, he needs to leave and take Tonya home as well. We all kiss goodbye and I fall back into bed with Paul, exhausted but happy with my first Hotel Sex Party. It wasn't Naked Twister, it wasn't about everyone frantically trying to get off. It was amazing, sensual, connected sex with three of my favorite sexy men!! Sure, I never had the double penetration- I'll have something to aspire to. But it was a memorable evening and I had a great time. --

The End

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