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Beautiful pussy

Bright sunlight slowly turned into golden strands against the sky as the sun slowly set. It was one of those days where the clear blue sky and cool moist air created inspiration and magic. Atop a hill the huge mansion sprawled, its beautiful stonewalls reflecting the beauty of the sunset. Birds sang and fluttered about and small animals scurried about enjoying the mood the evening was bestowing on the land. Toward one end of the mansion grew a large Oak tree, its branches swaying in the gentle breeze.

It is here where Kim sat. Her beautiful twenty-six year body was perfect. Her dark hair cascaded over her shoulders to mid back accentuating her creamy complexion. Her blue sundress showed off her svelte contours and its front displayed the delicate swell of her opulent breasts. She was waiting for just the right moment to start her evening ritual. She flexed her smooth thighs and felt her dress whisper against them. Between her legs her vulva pulsed against the crotch of her panties. Liz loved how her body felt and she prided herself in keeping fit.

Both women and men found her irresistibly attractive. During certain moods she found herself hauntingly attractive to herself. The magic in the air, the beautiful surroundings were helping her into one of her moods now. One of her hands was languidly caressing her left breast, enjoying the sensation of touching and being touched. Her nipple crinkled hard into her bra and her moist lips parted. It was time for her evening ritual. She stood up to and stretched, squeezing her buttocks together. The thin material of the sundress accentuated her feminine contours, her pussy mound showing under the dress.

"It's definitely time," she thought headed inside her ass swaying fluidly.

Liz shut and locked the thick arched doors. Two large mirrors hung on opposite sides of the foyer walls. Dark orange sunlight shined on the mirrors illuminated the interior of the foyer and Liz's face with deep rich color. Kim took a moment to look into the mirrors at the dark haired temptress. Tonight there was something new in the air. Emerald green eyes stared back at her as she turned this way and that. Liz wrinkled her nose at her reflection. She was so beautiful. Full sensuous lips and a round heart shaped her ass. Her eyes widened in fascination upon seeing the hint of her ass crevice under her dress as images of her naked ass flashed in her mind. A wicked smile formed on her lips as she felt her pussy moisten her panties. She turned and headed for her secret place.

Down the long hall she went through the arched entrance of the library. Once at the far wall she reached up to pressed to secret wood panels. The wall opened, she step through and it close behind her. She continued through a dark corridor leading to a great hall with high ceilings. Strange artifacts and antiquities lined the walls like a museum. Large windows captured the now deep richness of the outside twilight.

A large velvet rope hung next to where the corridor game into the room and Liz pulled it. Torches along the walls ignited with fire, painting the vaulted ceiling with a yellow glow. The flames reflected in her wide dark eyes, her desire burned within her. Marble statues and paintings watched as she walked down the oak floor toward the far end of the room. It was here the walls and ceiling curved into a stage like area where two royal blue tapestries framed the entrance to her shrine. With mounting anticipation, she entered.

Candles gently burned around the marble and granite bathing area as Liz sipped her wine and let the bubble bath soak her fine body. Seamless mirrors encased most of the small bath pool that she soaked in. Her silky hair was put up in classic French style and she luxuriated at feeling her hands roam the firm lithe contours of her female body. Her nipples were dark brown pebbles and their areole was a delicious mouth watering brown. Tweaking them occasionally as her mind reeled with sexual fantasies. Eyes closed, perfect manicured fingers traced lovingly over her face in adoration of her features, loving her prominent lips, aristocratic nose and gentle eyelids.

"Yes", she could feel her beauty with her fingers. As she touched her lips she gave her fingertips a gentle kiss and her labia spread under the water as an even deeper offering to her own kiss. It was a small step for her to let her index finger into her parted lips and wet it with her saliva. Her nostrils flared slightly as she caught the scent of her own sweet spit on her finger. That never happened before. But she went with it. The water was getting cool and she decided to take her exploration to the bedroom. Wet suds and water glistened on her velvet complexion and slide down into the pool. Picking up her towel she proceeded into the bedroom.

Opposite the foot of her bed was an ancient floor to ceiling mirror standing nearly twelve feet tall and nearly as wide. Its surface was like a diamond and an intricately carved from about two feet thick surrounded it. Different colored hardwoods were interlaid between rubies and Safire's. Liz came and sat on an ottoman that was in front of the mirror. She watched herself pad her body dry enjoying what she saw. In fact it was arousing. She often satisfied herself but tonight her body was calling to her. Her reflection teased her. She set the towel down a face the mirror straight on.

Wet hair pulled back she trailed from her cat green eyes down over her high 34b breasts and to her cylindrical torso and flat abdomen. From here her waist flared out to feminine hips. Liz spread her legs so she could see her pussy. Seeing her pussy was having an effect on her. She thought it so very beautiful and tonight she felt herself falling for it. She was lusting after her own pussy.

As she gazed at her pussy her body reacted to her autoerotic voyeurism. The lips of her cunt swelled with blood and wetness began forming in her vagina. What a wonderful feeling, watching her own pussy get excited. Her reflection seemed to be taking control and like a trance she stood and walked toward her stunning reflection.

Liz watched the seductress in the mirror cup her breasts and offer then to her. She kneaded the soft flesh as they swell with her increasing breath. Looking into the eyes of the woman she drifted forward and kissed her on the lips. Foamy wetness gathered around her slit, her clitoris throbbed.

Pulling her face from the mirror she soaked in her sexy body and went back to the mirror for another narcissistic kiss. This time she pressed her solid form against that of her reflected form. Her mind now under a state of erotic madness she began whispering to her mirror lover...

"Mmmm. I'm so lovely. Yes. If there was some way I could have you. I love my own succulent pussy. Look at your sweet pussy, Liz. Oh God."

Her hips wiggled against her glass counterpart, musky white pussy foam adhering to where her swollen mirror cunt was. Suddenly she caught her own heated scent.

"Do it. You know you want to. Look at your wet smelly pussy. You can't resist can you?"

Here right hand reached down and cupped her sex and began gentle squeezes to coax her buttery cream into her hand. Liz swooned as she gazed at her glistening body an undulated hips as she felt her first orgasm cover her palm with her feminine essence.

While her palpitations where still going she brought her hand up and slowly anointed her left breast with her wetness and then began rubbing the rest over her entire face. Liz was going wild with desire to cover her beautiful face with herself. More froth ebbed from out of her dilated cunt. Covering her face with her fresh juices had a raw nastiness that made her crazy with addiction for more of the sweet honey. Combined with the sight her pussy foam dripping to the floor her made her cum again. She didn't notice the jewels on the mirror frame starting to glow with a mysterious light of their own. As the next orgasm hit her she crumbled to the ground. Breathing heavy she passed out into a deep sleep. The last think Liz saw was her delectable shiny wet pussy throbbing, and so did her reflection...

Later that night...

Liz lay prone on her bed, a light silk sheet tangled around her. Sound asleep she did not hear anything. Thin white paneled drapes bellowed out from the open window. Full moon light shined in and when it touched the mirror frame the jewels began to glow once more this time very brightly. Liz stirred in her sleep as an image formed in the mirror. Her image. Her enchanting reflection by itself masturbated in the mirror. Fingers pumped in and out of her clenching pussy hole. Its skin pale at first solidified into smooth feminine flesh as it glided out of the mirror. Once inside the room, reflection now real flesh, Liz's fantasy moan softly as she came on her slippery fingers.

"Oh god, that's so good. Mmm."

Suddenly her fantasy reflection recoiled back realizing that she was in a different place. It didn't take her long to realize where she was. Unseen magic guided fantasy Liz toward her sleeping doppelganger. Her saucy ass rubbed against each other holding the earthy scent between them. Cat like fantasy Liz prowled up next to her sleeping self. Magical forces from the mirror had given her all she needed to know. She watch herself sleep, not believing what was happening. No force could stop what was about to happen. Liz was held tight by the magic of deep narcissism.

She nestled against herself and began a journey she had fantasized about almost every day. Giddy with want for her own body, fantasy Liz rubbed her thickly scented pussy fingers under her sleeping nose tantalizing her with the most powerful aphrodisiac. She brought her moist lips to her ear and whispered softly to her own beauty.

"Hi. I know what you think about when you're horny. You think about your own pussy. That's it, breath in our wonderful stink and think about what it would be like. You know. To rub your own nose in your own, wet cunt."

Sleeping Liz moaned and her nostrils opened with a flare as she took in her own pussy smell from her own fantasy pussy. Her head tilted back, raising her nose higher toward the scented fingers. She wanted more. "I know. I know. I love it so much too," Fantasy Liz whispered. She raised her knees and spread them, opening up herself. Puffy labia lips peeled silkily apart. Reaching down between her thighs Liz anointed her whole hand generously with cunt cream and brought it back up to her twin.

"Her honey," Sleeping Liz started lapping into the air like a dog licking a treat. Fantasy Liz painted the glistening wetness over her twin's upper lip and over her nose.

Sleeping Liz's eyes fluttered open, enchanted by her own bouquet on her nose and lips."Good girl. I want to her you say it to me. Say that you want to eat your own pussy. It was so true. One of her earliest fantasies had come true. She sat up and looked at her mirror counter part. No words where needed but it was going to be so fun to be nasty together.

Now awake, Liz reached over and cupped her fantasy pussy and smeared the creamy wetness over her twin's mound, thighs and abdomen. Wide eyed with narcissistic passion she played around with the abounded juices. Each Liz had the same knowledge and desires. They both did the same thing at the same time with each others now gaping pussies. They desired to cover themselves with their own juices. Fantasy Liz watched as her doppelganger covered her own breast thickly with cunt cream showing off to her. They rolled on top of one another with animal lust to try to cure the maddening desire to cover each other the others wet odorous cream. Moaning, the two Liz's pussies frothed milky wetness. Fantasy Liz wrestled free and leaned back against the headboard after hearing a silent request from awake Liz. With an evil smile she grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs back offering Liz the feminine crease of her own ass to her.

"Look at it. Look at your own ass. Were so fucking beautiful we can't stand it. Think of all those times you drooled when you fantasized about tasting it. Think of its smell. Think of the tastes. Awake Liz was insane with an impossible lust. She took in the delicate greasy folds of her asshole and perineum region, her swollen sex and throbbing clit just below. Without hesitation she move her face toward her own splayed backside.

The rich heavy scent of her ass immediately created an addiction. She lingered here as her fantasy lover stroked her silky hair knowing that she was enjoying view. Liz moved her nose forward pressing her nose lovingly against the center of her anus. She felt the outer folded skin and the smooth moister skin. Her addiction intensified and she began talking to herself.

"My ass smell. Oh lovely lovely Liz ass. Mmmm.", She mewled. She brought her sweet lips up and covered her asshole full mouthed and began to suck it. Her sucking was about to wet her pussy with a new gush of velvety cream. "Oh baby, sweet baby. I new you would love it. Yessss. Ohhhh. Yess. Stick you tongue up your own ass. Its soooo good. I'm going to cum baby. A foamy, Liz pussy cum. Ohhhhhh. Yeeeesssss.Oh God.

Awake Liz quickly cupped her identical pussy with her other hand. Sticky wetness coated her hand and she brought it up to her twin lover smearing it all over her face as she continued to suck her own wickedly beautiful girl ass. Desperately Liz did what she could to get as much of her ass scent on her face as she could. Her self lust beyond reason now.

She spread apart the beautiful buttocks of her own ass and shot her tongue into the tight orifice, scrapping as much flavor and scent she could from her fantasy ass. Between her legs a large foamy deluge of cunt cream was hanging from her pussy threatening to drop onto the bed.

Fantasy Liz heard another silent request from her ass sucking twin lover. Instantly, magic from the jewel framed mirror materialized them into a 69 position. As soon as Liz's foamy pussy was over her fantasies face it dropped. She groaned as her own addiction had now been set in motion.

That is until she saw the breathtaking site of her perfect ass. She wantonly grabbed both buttocks and crammed her face deep inside. Fantasy Liz now too was instantly addicted to her own ass smell. Her breasts heaved and she frantically tongue fucked her identical ass.

Periodically they separated to give each other deep French kisses just to enjoy looking at their identically beauty. To look into their own green eyes as they swapped their own ass tasting tongues and humped matted pussy thatches against their own sleek thighs.

What a game it had become. Narcissistic Liz and narcissistic Liz. Liz straddled fantasy Liz and gazed down at her beautiful face as she masturbated spewing more froth for fantasy Liz to get on her breasts. As soon as they glistened in the moon light Liz would bend over and rub her tits to her tits getting more of her own essence on herself. When she raised up their eyes locked with another knowing look. Rolling over, Fantasy Liz on top, they laid prone, pussy to pussy and ass kissed again. Wide eyed, they looked into the others eyes. Their eyelids dropped at the same time as they felt the warm release of pee.

"Mmm. That's so good and wet. God is so hot. French kissing again their golden flow of piss was abundant. The delicate yellow liquid shower each stunningly beautiful women between their legs as their pussy holes opened wide forming round Os.

Instantly they materialized into a pussy 69, their moist feminine mouths cupping over the wide open hole pussies of the other lost in a world of scents and tastes. From deep inside their open vaginas came succulent treats of thick pearly mucus that each luxuriated in as it slide into their mouths. Swallowing and eating the most perfect cunt. Liz's eternal narcissistic fantasy had come to fruition in the material world. On the third cum they held the mouthful of pussy foam in their mouths and went to the others face and slowly started lip-kisses letting some of the cream escape over each other's chin. Frolicking with playful smiles as they enjoyed their own juiciness in the kisses.

Liz reached around fantasy Liz and stuck her finger in her ass and brought it back between them combining ass and cunt cream for the hundredth time that night. Liz lay down on her back and fantasy Liz squatted over her face. She watched her identical ass come down to her face. This time it was to rub her face with her own ass again. Something she will never get enough of. Beyond a deep hunger and thirst. Both Liz's swooned as fantasy Liz rubbed her anus on her twin's face. Liz's face now smelled like her own ass. Fantasy Liz' laid next to her contented self and for the first time they started to wonder what had happened. --

The End

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