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Lysa does her laundry.



All Lysa had left to complete her spring cleaning was to do her laundry. Not thrilled by the concept, she packed her clothes for the drive to the laundromat. She smiled at her luck as she parked her car outside the building.

"With this many empty parking spots, the building is sure to be empty."

She popped the trunk and went for her bag. As she stooped to grab her bag from the trunk, she noticed a man leaning against the laundromat with a coffee in his hand. He lowered his glasses as she watched him watching her. Thrilled by the attention, she held the pose a bit longer, making sure to smile at him as she pushed her ass out that extra little bit.


The smell of laundry soap and fabric softner assaulted her as she entered, reminding her just how boring it was to do laundry. She threw her clothes into the super sized washing machine then headed to the convenience store a few doors down to grab a magazine to pass the time.

Once inside the little store she saw the dust on the bags of chips and looked at the counter. A man was sitting there watching what sounded like a Spanish soap opera. He looked up and nodded at Lysa. She browsed around, grabbed a bottle of V8, and found the magazines. There was a great selection to choose from. Lysa looked over the fashion magazines, then looked for celebrity smut. Out of the corner of her eye she saw some skin mags. She looked around the store and saw that the only other customer was at the till and would be gone soon so she quickly grabbed one. Now she needed another one for cover so she could look at it when she got back to the laundry mat to baby sit her clothes.

Lysa walked with a skip in her step to the cash register. The man behind the counter pried himself from the tube and once seeing Lysa close up looked like he might have forgotten completely where he was and what he was suppose to do now.

"That's all, Thanks." She pushed her stuff towards him. Lysa just had to see what his reaction would be to her dirty magazine under the Cosmo so she shyly looked up. He was grinning from ear to ear and quickly put the dirty mag in a bag for her.

When Lysa got back to the Laundromat she grabbed up chair and put it in the corner. The noise made by the old re-purposed office chair scraping on the floor would have been annoying but it wasn�t too bad partly drowned out by the noise of the washing machine. Lysa slouched in the chair. Getting the magazine out was nerve-racking for her. She felt like she was getting away with something bad. She took out the Cosmopolitan first and opened it to the middle, then after looking around one more time took out the skin mag.

Lysa slid around in the chair trying to find a comfortable position. She opened the cover of the magazine and saw a preview of all the hot chicks that she would get to see. She was so excited!! The next page was wonderful, a hot young girl touching herself. Lysa really looked, she examined the girls face, neck, tits, pussy and read the kinky quote. She was anxious to see the other girls in the magazine but ended up reading that "the little blonde needed cock, and loved getting off."

Boldly, she left the magazines laying open on a counter by her chair when she moved her laundry from the washer to the dryer. Returning to her perch, she flipped the page to examine the next woman. As she looked at the next few pages , she wondered to herself what it would be like to taste a woman.

Lysa quickly closed the magazine when she heard the bell hanging on the door jingle. She glanced at the door to see two women enter.


The women chattered as the walked over to the exact same washing machine that Lysa had been using. Lysa repositioned herself in the chair and continued her reading.


Lysa was so engrossed in her skin mag that she did not hear the women approach her. She flipped another page completely raptured by the images.


Feeling things were a bit wrong, Lysa glanced up to see the two women standing right there by her chair peeking at her magazine. She swallowed hard as she blushed. Busted, she could not decide if she should close her magazines or just wait to see what these women had to say.

The woman in the blue top shook a pair of Lysa's panties. She said "Hi there, My name is Sophy and I think you left these in the washing machine over there."

Lysa swallowed hard again as she felt her face burning even more.

The woman in the white top said "Hi, My name is Susi and that is a great magazine you have there."

"There is no need to be embarassed." Susi smiled at Lysa then, she did the last thing Lysa expected.

Lysa's eyes followed Susi's hand as it slid down the front of her shirt to the bottom of her tan skirt. She stared in amasement as Susi lifted her skirt providing her with a stunning, up close and personal view of her shaved pussy.

"We can help you fold your laundry if you like." Sophy observed before leaning a bit to kiss Susi full on the mouth.

Still shocked by the thrill of seeing Susi's pussy, Lysa sat there speachless for a moment watching the show as the two women kissed again both of them with a hand under Susi's skirt.


Lysa and Sophy took turns rubbing Susi's wet slit as they folded the laundry. A short time later with Lysa driving and Sophy trying to provide directions to their house while almost constantly watching Susi who sat in the back seat of the car with her legs spread wide, her fingers frantically working her wet pussy, they arrived at their destination.


Straight up to Sophy's room, they raced.


Lysa felt a but strange for the first moment. She wondered if she had made the right decision.


As her top vanished, she realized that she really wanted to find out what these women tasted like..


A few kisses...


Lead to tits flying everywhere.


The next thing Lysa knew, she was naked and loving it.


A few seconds later, they were all naked and Lysa was ready to try anything.


The next thing she knew, she was lying on the bed with Susi licking her clit as she sampled Sophy's pussy..


The familliar buzzing noise of a vibrator helped Lysa relax even more. She wondered if her new found friends were as wet as she was. She fought her leg twitches and the tingling in her rock hard nipples by jamming her tongue farther into Sophy.


Sophy responded with a leg twitching orgasm. Lysa lapped bald pussy with abandon. Susi moaned into Lysa's pussy as the vibrator on her clit gave her release.


Sophy mounted Lysa.


Providing this spetacular view.


Only to be bested by Susi.


With this Glorious image!


Legs twitch and moans fill the room as the blue eyed slut takes her friends on a scream ride.


They watch Susi vibrate until she collapses onto the bed.


As they cream all over the big pink monster.


Susi recovers to give both Sophy...


and Lysa another helping of her juices .


Not sated yet,


Sophy decides to...


Bang her new friend completely speachless.


Exhausted, the friends...


help each other into the tub...


For one final pose before they remember to run some water for their relaxing soak in the bubbles.

Damn, I think I am getting better at being a lesbian. Wink :) B.