Banged Babysitter by
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House Wife
Cheryl jogged the last few blocks from the college to Mrs Nesbit's house. She did not want to be late because she already knew just what a nasty bitch that Pollie Nesbit could be when her babysitter was late.
Pizza delivery
Cheryl was disappointed to find out that she had gotten her arrival time wrong and that she was an hour early. Much to her dismay, that left Pollie with plenty of time to go through the whole list of painful instructions that her baby sitter should know as if she had forgotten that she put Cheryl through the same torture less than a week ago.

Pollie made a "big stink" about the baby finally sleeping then headed out into the back yard to finish cleaning up the "horrible mess" that her company had made earlier in the day.
Cheryl scamper to the door to find Darryl, her friend from school had arrived to deliver a pizza.
In the mood for a bit of adventure, Cheryl invited Darryl in for his bonus payment. Suddenly, Pollie walked back in the door, reminding Cheryl that she had not left for the evening yet. For a moment, Things looked bad for the babysitter.
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Cheryl was so stunned, she almost fainted from the surprise when Pollie opted to assist her with Darryl's bonus.
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Cheryl watched in amazement as Pollie stripped them both bare.
Her surprise increased when Mrs Nesbit decided to enjoy Darryl's long hard cock. Deciding that she was not going to give up all of her fun, Cheryl decided that Pollie needed a clit massage to help her along as Darryl pounded into her pussy.
Clit massage
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Cheryl was thrilled that Pollie reciprocated with a clit massage for her and even  provided a sensational bit of oral for Cheryl as Darryl finished up by slamming a homer in her tight ass.
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With Pollie already late for her evening plans, they quickly dressed Darryl, then sent him out the door on his way back to work. Deciding that the already cold pizza could wait a while longer, the women continued to expand their friendship with a good dose of pussy munching.
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The whole event finished off with twitching thighs, orgasms a plenty and the ever glorious, pierced tongue on clit shot.

The End.
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Banged Babysitter
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