Love by the Fireplace

The snow is blowing outside, but it's cozy and warm by the fire. It's the perfect time for some tender moments between a husband and his wife. A glass of vine and soft kisses to her neck. A warm hand sliding down her back, eagerly feeling the delicate skin. A whispered naughty word and nuzzling of noses. He slips off her clothes and they surrender to the passion rising between them.
Love by the fireplace
a man gently kisses his wifes neck
a man whispers naughty words into his wifes ear
husband slips off his wifes clothes
Man and wife get naked by the fireplace
The happy couple begin foreplay
man kisses is wifes soft belly
Man carreses her body
man nuzzles against his wife neck
man and wife share a intimate moment
a romantic moment
a sensual kiss
a man kisses his wife boobs
Kissing and loving
the start of something sexy
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