Elegant passionate romantic night

Elegant passionate and romantic. Yes you can have this and more at Sssh, erotica for women. Enjoy hot steamy sex and passionate romance.
A man and his wife share a romantic and elegant evening
He swoops her off her feet and carries her to the bedroom
he pours her some wine and they toast to this special evening
they talk and laugh while sharing the wine
she feeds him creme puffs
he hands her a long stem rose
he feeds her a delicate creme puff and tell her how beautiful she is
She gets naughty and feeds him a sour lemon
He begins to undress her
he knows his performance better be good so he starts by kissing her breasts
she lies back and enjoys the attention
he run his fingers through her long blond hair
he's off to a good start so he earns a kiss
he been so good at the romancing that she lets him pixk her up and gently enter her
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