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We accept stories by email because this seems to work best

Kindly email your stories to eroticty at Naturally, you have to replace the 'at' with @ so that the email address looks like this

The easiest way to do this is to open your hotmail or gmail or yahoo mail. Copy and paste the "eroticty" into the "To" box. Then add a @ with your keyboard then paste the "" in to finish the email address. Or you can type the address in. The subject field should contain "Erotic Story" and the message should contain the title of your story and the category that you want it posted in.

You can paste your story into the email or attach it as a word, wordpad or notepad document.

If you are worried about privacy, EroticTymes does not collect email addresses for any spam or mailing list purposes but we will contact you by email if there are questions or you requested a direct link to your story